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 Info and Rules on Making a Personal Blog

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PostSubject: Info and Rules on Making a Personal Blog   Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:20 am

Please read everything here before you make your topic/blog!!!

What is a Personal Blog?
A Personal Blog is your very own topic(only one per user) that you can use to post anything you wish, as long as it somehow relates to Asian Music. So, for example, you could use it to share older music that you still love, use it to fangirl/boy over your favorite groups, post/share photos of singers/groups, or even post your own song or dance covers. You may alsoo decorate it using BBCode however you'd like to personalize it. You can update your blog as often or as little as you feel like, depending on the theme of your blog.

1. Please write a small introduction of yourself and what you'll be mainly using your blog for.
2. Make sure you do not post anything inappropriate, as in no foul language, inappropriate images, or content claiming it as your own when it is not.
3. You may not post hate topics or anti-clubs, or anything else that may be offensive to a certain group/singer or fan.
4. If you would like to have several posts without interruption from other members' comments, please reserve as many posts as you wish so that you may edit them and add content later. (While you are setting up, place "[Under Construction]" or something in the title to let others know that you are still working on your blog and do not want others to post yet)
5. Be friendly to others, and feel free to interact with other users and their blogs.
6. Lastly, have fun!

If you have any other questions or think I've missed anything that you believe should also be mentioned, please post here!
Thank You
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Info and Rules on Making a Personal Blog
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