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 For Haine.

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PostSubject: For Haine.   Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:29 pm

Hey! So I'm Haine or Miseruu (Either one works) and I've been singing probably on Youtube since March 2010 --Possibly earlier... I have a super bad memory. You'll realize once you get to know me better. I like to sing and write ;3 Umm... I'm 100% Chinese, and will be as long as I'm concerned, and I play instruments such as the Piano, flute, Alto Saxophone, A really small tad bit of guitar, and.... I think that's about it :) Oh... And I used to play the recorder! ^^ *Proud* Just kidding~

I know there's many talented people around here, so let's all be friends, ne? :) Nice to meet you all! Hope to talk to you all soon! :)

--Several Seconds Later--

- You don't want to be my friend?

- I guess I'll sit in my little corner by myself :(

Haha! Just kidding with you guys! :) But seriously :) I don't bite! So feel free to post on my youtube wall or tweet me (If you can find my twitter) or add me on Youtube! ^^ All is very welcome! :) Here are some covers of mine... Not exactly the most perfect covers I've done, but.... Give me some feedback? ;)
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For Haine.
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