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 ~ Will Rubert ~

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PostSubject: ~ Will Rubert ~   Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:45 pm

Hey I'm Will, I'm 18 and I love to sing as well as mix audio. I live in Washington in the United States. I first got into Kpop through the girl group Brown Eyed Girls with their song Abracadabra. I then went on to Discover Jpop through Perfume, which led me to a few other Jpop artists. Recently(About the last 6 months) My Kpop library has grown to include 2NE1(Favorite Band ^^), Fx, T-ara, Jewelry, IU and others. I am not the greatest at trying to sing in other languages that aren't English, but I try. Nice to meet you :)

Here are my two favorite covers that I have done:

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~ Will Rubert ~
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