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 Profile Setting

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PostSubject: Profile Setting   Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:36 am

Lesson 1 ~ Profile Setting

Hello everyone, welcome to the first ever guide. Today, I'm going to teach you how your profile works and settings.

The first thing you must do on forum is to register and fill in the details but I've acknowledged that everyone misses everything and just click send. It's fine because I'm going to tell you how to set it properly now.

Firstly: Click on your profile.
What do you see?
- Information, Preferences, Avatar, Friends and Foes, Topic(s) being watched, Favourites, drafts and facebook invite.

Information Section
- First part (Registration Information): Here you can change or update your password while you're on forum
-Second Part (Personalized Profile): Please do not change your gender and put a correct year for your age. (months and days is not important unless you want someone to wish you Happy Birthday!)
- Skip Humour. Comments: Your personaliosed box writing absolutely anything you want with forum rules applied.
- Third Part (Contact Field) - Self- explanatory

Preferences(This is very important!)
Firstly: read each row carefully and choose the right option.
Secondly: If you're associated with facebook then you'll be logon facebook and here at the same time. (Irreversible)
Thirdly (Important): Always attach my signature, Always allow BBcode, HTML and Smiles must be set as YES.

- Please paste a link from any imaging website with your OWN copyright banners/signatures. Any form of writing is welcome and other forums advertising is against the rules.

Avatar Control Panel
Firstly: Please read the instructions on your left box carefully with limitation of avatar size. (Cannot exceed 150 pixels by 20 pixels and under 64KB)

Friends and Foes(A grouping system)
Here you can add members that you like or members that you don't like. Adding a friend: gives you quick access such as PM. Adding Foes: Blocking PMs and basically ignore them. (Any abusive, racists and imature behaviour please report immediately)

Topics being watched:
Here you can watch your favourite topics that can be added when you're opening a topic and reading/looking at a topic.

Same as topics being watched.

Drafts: The drafts system lets you save your unfinished post.

Facebook Invite(A crafty little tool)
You can invite people through facebook! (Please do it for us :) )

Thankyou for reading my tutorial on Profile Setting.

I hope you enjoy it and have a good day.


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Profile Setting
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