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PostSubject: Innovations   Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:38 am

Hello everyone.

Hereby, I present you Triangle Project for AMU.

1. Male Coverists

- New Male corners (board) as a category on forum
- Improve the male population on AMU
- Name list of male coverists - temporary
- Male collabs

2. Album Collab

- Making our brand new AMU album collab.
- A new product for our audience.
- A longer project than solo, collab and duet.

For example We can have an album corner that collect current collabs together like the artists's album. ((B2ST- fact and fiction)) is very popular and it would be great to cover all the songs and make it an album product of our own.

3. Mashup and Remixes

- Remixing our collabs into a song.
- Rely on our mixers and videos team.

- First come first serve rule applies.
- Rules and regulations of the forum applies.
What is Triangle project It is a projec
t created by myself to improve AMU and bringing in new innovation for us.

Feel free to comment, like or dislike my idea. Constructive opinions are mostly welcomed.

Further details will be added soon and edit later.

P.s Copyright issues and infringement problems will be discussed thoroughly. ((Mashup, remixes and albums)).

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