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 The 11Ent Collaboration Channel

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PostSubject: The 11Ent Collaboration Channel   Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:39 am

The 11Ent Collaboration Channel



Welcome to The 11Ent Collaboration Channel as a part of Asian Music Universe Forum company that is relatively new to the collaboration community. This is a project that aims to gather us together and show our vocal ability to the world and also let our forum goes global. This collaboration channel will include a variety of musics across many cultures such as K-Pop, C-Pop, J-Pop, Thai Pop and much more. Our primary focus will be based on Korean pop music and Chinese/Taiwanese music that is very popular among Asians community.

Rules and Regulations (Must be follow at all times)
1 - Anyone is allowed to join and not restricted by age, race and vocal ability.
2 - Everyone must be signed up to join or open any collaborations. (Open a topic to introduce yourself)
3 - Each person is only allowed to open up to 5 collaboration topics each time.
4 - The collaborations can be run as (first come first served) or (audition) with appropriate tags.
5 - All the collaboration titles must have a suitable tags and using the correct format.
6 - Some collaborations videos will be post on our Official Youtube.
7 - Please remember to hand in your works in time or ask an initiators for extensions.
8 - Please give encouragement comment where possible and be friendly to other coverists.
9 - Respect and follow the forum rules at all time.
10 - Have fun and enjoy singing!

Mixers: The Mixing Team
Video Editors: The Video Editing Team
Lyricist: The Lyricist Team
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The 11Ent Collaboration Channel
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